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Floor Is Lava isn’t solely about bringing you news or reviews, we’re about sharing our love of everything pop culture, which expands vastly. We’re here to share our experiences, how video games may have helped or changed our life, how a television show has touched us and brought us together, or simply to talk about the next game and comic convention. We want to shine light on the independents, and praise a AAA when they do something right, when they stand up for the little guys. Our community is growing at such a rapid pace and we want to be part of that. Holding ourselves and others accountable for their actions is important. Our utopia is all about acceptance, enjoying ourselves and meeting new people to share a laugh, game or movie night with.

Come be a part of the fun. Join us as we strive to bring you quality content. We’re honest, we’re open and we try to be true to ourselves. If you ever want a piece of your writing up on the site, contact us at hello@floorislava.com.au and we’ll be ecstatic to have what you have to say displayed.