About Floor Is Lava

Why we do this

At Floor Is Lava, we celebrate geekery and nerdgasms everywhere. We may use the label geek, but we try to celebrate everyone, everywhere regardless of what you enjoy. We’re not about pointing the finger and testing your true geek status/intelligence/whatever. Instead, we want to unify all aspects of all of our favourite genres. With technology moving quickly, we’re also trying to give the Australian communities more of a voice as well as sharing events happening down under.

Sometimes we get passionate, we try to be as informed as possible but we’re always ready to be challenged and corrected by our fellow community. Taking on board what you have to tell us is something we take really seriously, so feel free to contact us. Getting to know new people, expanding our horizons and having quality conversation is what we’re all about. We want everybody to have a say, everybody to feel included and not have to worry about proving themselves to anyone.