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Ep 11 – Blue Bits

22 June, 2013

Ep 11 E3


Boots couldn’t make it for this recording, so Sherrie jumped into the deep end and hosted the show for her first time! Join us in the ep she pops her cherry. The crew get right into things with Brendan admitting to being afraid of video games, Yianna getting her poké-fix in WoW, and Sherrie does what Sherrie does. You can thank Bethesda for that.

Later, the crew talks about their “blankie games” kinda like a blankie for a baby… a game or favourite thing other than food that comforts you and keeps you feeling safe and warm and happy. Brendan RAVES about console prices, and Yianna rants about the uniformed discussions revolving around E3.

Also, Sherrie finally achieves gaming immortality after she and Brendan compare the size of their shame, and Yianna reviews the NES Batman soundtrack.

** Yianna ranted about the discussions of Xbone before Microsoft changed their policies, that information was not available at time of recording. **

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