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Ep 12 – The Giant Black Curtain of DOOM

6 August, 2013

Ep 12 PAX Aus


The ‘Req-ing Crew is back at FULL POWER!!!  Boots rejoins the show and the Fab Four spend a good amount of time just catching up.

Later, the Aussie Contingent wax poetic about PAX Australia, which went down the weekend prior to recording. Many an indie game was played, and each of them had a turn with the Oculus Rift, as well. Plus general PAX shenanigans.

Yianna’s 10-Minute Music Discovery Hour also return with her review of the soundtrack for the NES Tecmo classic, Ninja Gaiden.

Oh, and Yianna and Sherrie talk Sharknado.

This week’s break music features tunes from the Godfather of Console Gaming, Super Mario Bros.


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