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Ep 14 – Painted Doves

7 September, 2013

Episode 14 - Painted Doves


This episode, Yianna attends a Kickstarter seminar of sorts and clams up, but she does get her business up and running, Boots gets attacked by a random citizen of Leyawiin after doing her a favor, Sherrie plays Skyrim, and Brendan gets hornier than ever.

The crew delves into a conversation about why Melbourne seems to be Australia’s epicenter for gaming, a new segment is introduced where we interview ourselves in the hopes of you all getting to know us a bit better, Yianna’s 10 Minute Music Discovery Hour is morphed into a whole new form, and Brendan falls asleep.

Speaking of music, all of the breaks in this episode contain the music of Contra for the NES. You can listen to the soundtrack in its entirety below!


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