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Ep 9 – Cheese Sauce Tsunami

12 May, 2013

Cheese Sauce Tsunami


Brendan opens the show with a rant about people who boo and Sherrie is bored with Neverwinter. Later, Brendan tells everyone what their Porn Names are. See if you can guess which one of us got the ever-so-awesome “Boss Slurper.”

Yianna dives into the Rave Cave to tell us about her new addiction, Don’t Starve, and how she wants to snuggle up to it and rub its belly and shave its fur for a nice warm coat. Currently, her longest run is 53 days with one character. Let us know if you’ve beaten her time!

For our Question of the Week, we asked if you felt like being involved in the birth of an MMO was important to your play experience or if you’d rather wait out the bugs and hop in when it was smoothed out. It spawned a great discussion among us in the ‘Req-ing Crew and we thank you for all of your input!

In Yianna’s 10-Minute Music Discovery Hour, she reviews the soundtrack for the NES classic, Castlevania! If you’d like to listen to it, check it out HERE.

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