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I’m co-founder of Min Req Show, creator of Floor Is Lava and run a design and web development business called A Couple Of Nerds. I’m also working on a few games. I draw, I animate, I am animated and I love to play video games… well I am on this podcast for a reason. I was always a little bit different when I was younger. I tried solely being the girly girl because I thought that was how people with a vagina were meant to act but I loved kicking a soccer ball around or falling off my bike doing stunts. That was until I discovered a Sega controller, and what it was attached to.


Hello. I am Tony. I am also Boots. I like cheese. I like limited amounts of sports… like hockey… and that’s it. I am currently not working because the economy is still not great. I also pretend like I’m good at guitar. I play games on the Xboxes and PlayStations because when I was tiny (waayyyy long ago), my dad bought us pizza and they had Centipede, and it was fun. I was 3.


Princess Sherrie was trapped in a horrible world of dullness until the magical world of the interwebs was invented in ’96… wait! That’s a lie. She hales from a land near the water. Born an obsessive geek, she happily made the library her second home, reading a lot of fiction. There was born a love of story telling. She soon discovered storytelling came in other media. Television shows! Movies! Comics! It took a very long journey from The X-Files and Sim City dabbling to finally find that video games are also rich in story telling.


If I’m not fapping 24/7, I’m at work for the government. Super exciting this one. ALL OF THE GEEK THINGS sums up my life pretty well. I can’t settle on just one area of geekery. I’m a gaming geek, movie geek, tech geek, tv geek, book geek, and it keeps going. If you had to make me settle on one favourite game genre, I’d pick FPSRPGAdventureThrillerMMOSport. That’s totally one genre.